Release: Bildband pARTizipation

Der Bildband zu unserem Projekt “pARTizipation” ist da. Hier könnt ihr Euch das Ding anschauen (Fotos by Kleinlaut). In der Galerie schon mal ein paar Bildteaser.



Rap-Workshop gegen Rassismus l HunGer Seminar 2012

Für das Projekt hatten die Teilnehmer/innen nicht mal 6 Stunden Zeit. Heraus kam eine Rapgeschichte zum Thema “Rechtsradikalismus” und “Rassismus” – Bildung hat viele kreative Möglichkeiten, um sich Gehör zu verschaffen.

Visualisiert wurde der Rap durch einen FAZ Hack.

backyardeurope is up and running

Backyardeurope is a think europe project designed by and for young Europeans and dedicated to help them find out how to raise awareness and voice opinions.

58 young Europeans from 7 countries (Spain, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, Czech, Slovenia) meet for a week to exchange ideas about national and European politics. Together they are using the Internet creatively to make their voices heard and spread their ideas about their own future. The whole week is taking place at the Europa-Haus Marienberg. It is part of the youth programme think europe. The gathering is funded by the European Commission (Youth in Action).

New Promotion video for think europe is out!

Auswertung Europaseminar Mai 2012 (Ingelheim)

Auswertung zum 4 tägigen Europaseminar (22.05-25.05.2012). 23 Jugendliche berichten von ihren Erfahrungen. Inhalte waren: Erstellung Digitaler Präsentationen zu den EU-Institutionen, Interaktive Timeline zum EU-Integrationsprozess, EU-Quiz (Google streetview) und ein ganztägiges @thinkeurope Planspiel.

Tuesday in retrospect for #deni11

Let’s look back at what has happened today – our binational meetings first day. We started with the preparations for the think europe motor show, which of course climaxed in a very entertaining presentation session. We witnessed sale pitches, electric cars, european seatbelts, crap car metaphoric, chick magnets…

After an evaluation of that non-formal learning session new groups were formed and sent off to work on digital presentations. Topics: The European Institutions, European History etc. The results of these sessions will be published here tomorrow.

Please make up your group-minds and come up with a few sentences (7-8) about what you experienced. Use the commentary function below this post to publish your opinion. You are welcome to share everything that’s on your mind – negative remarks are just as welcome as positive comments.