Competition: Design a 2-€uro coin – 10 years €uro cash

This goes to all the young citizens in €urope,

On April 29th the EU launched a competition because in January 2012 we will have ten years of €uro cash. Today 17 countries with over 330 million Europeans are using the €uro.

In this competition Europe is aksing you to design a 2-€uro coin for the celebration of the 10th anniversary.

You can find all the information on the corresponding website of the competition:

Have fun & good luck!!!

Picturing the Intergenerational Dialogue within Europe

The youth committee of EUNET is looking for European partners to start a Photo project. The project will start this year and is dedicated to raise awareness for the European year of “Active Ageing”. The Photo Contest is the Youth Committees first step to support intergenerational dialogue. The main objectives of the contest are:

Project idea
The project aims to create a photo exhibition expressing what the intergenerational dialogue looks like in European countries. This exhibition is thought to be presented for the first time at the General Assembly of EUNET in Metz October 2011. In the following months the exhibition will be hosted by the partner organizations that would like to use it. The Exhibition will consist of a portfolio of photos and descriptive texts. The exhibition will in addition be available on the internet. 

What is expected from the partners of this project?
Until the 29th of April the youth committee would like to know which member organizations would like to participate in this photo exhibition project. The deadline for handing in the three pictures and descriptive texts is the 10th of September. The pictures should be loosley connected to issues surrounding the issues of intergenerational dialogue. The descriptive texts should provide a short history of the “pictures histories” and the thoughts behind them, as well as information about the demographic situation of the country in which the pictures were taken.  

Interested? What now?
If you are interested: Jjust apply via the following Email adress
For further information have look at the EUNET webpage: 

Click on the following images to see the official calls for proposal (available in English and German)


think europe – photo action event

Dear Everybody,

We invite all participants who have attended a seminar, training or youth gathering in the Europe House Marienberg to take part in a Europe-wide photo action event! If you haven’t been to the Europe House before (shame on you – you missed a great experience) you are still more than welcome to take part in the photo action event as well!!!

By now, all of you should know our logo which represents everything we do in our European Youth Education “think europe”. If not (shame on you again) & have a look here – this is it…

Our idea is to collect photos from all over Europe with you – our participants and Followers – imitating the person in our Logo. That should be combined with the logo itself (somehow) and an interesting background representing you local community or a famous place in Europe.

To be precise, here introductions step by step:

  1. Think about a method to include our logo in the picture (printout, with a beamer, etc.)
  2. Find a nice place somewhere in your local area / or a famous European site nearby / or choose some famous site you visit during your vacation (Eifel tower, London bridge, top of a mountain, etc.)
  3. Pose as our figure is posing and shoot a picture (don’t forget to include the logo)
    If it’s not possible to include the logo – forget about it and just do step 2 and 3!!!

You can send as many pictures as you want. We’ll collect everything to include them appealingly in our Social Media. Later on we will create a great media show from all photos handed in.
The goal is of course to collect as many interesting sites as possible from all over Europe!

It would be great if you could also give us some detailed information about your photo:

  • Who is in the picture?
  • What is the story of the photo?
  • Where was the photo taken?
  • When have you been in the Europe House?

It’s great fun! Anselm and I will come up with our own pictures very soon.

Feel free to contact us for questions. You can send the photos via E-Mail directly to the Europe House, just check the webpage for the e-mail-addresses.
So, let’s get started…

Youth Democracy Award

“The Youth Democracy Award is awarded for the third time. By awarding a project, that advocates Democracy or Democratizing in Europe in an outstanding way, it aims to appreciate and acknowledge the commitment of/to young people. End of February, the Jury consisting of young people, is going to choose the winner. The awards assembly is going to take place in Mai in Bonn, in cooperation with the International Democracy Award, Bonn. The Jury consists of young people at the age between 16 and 26 years, who are politically active and engaged in different branches. 

This is an excerpt from the official announcement of the Youth Democracy Award. Remember back to October/November 2010 when we gathered all back here in the Europe House for our international Web 2.0 seminar connecting Social Media and democratic participation. Our event fits pretty well the requirements the Award is looking for. Thus we handed in our project and now we’re taking part in this competiton. Of course we are follwing the Olympic creed 

“The most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight;the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.”

So, push your thumps. We did work alreday very hard and it was a fantastic project…maybe we can win even more 😉

If you are interested you can find more information here:

Youth Democracy Award – Federal Agency for Civic Education

European competition about the importance of language

The European Union has launched “Tounge stories“. This is a European competiton where you can participate if you have a good story about the importance of language in the EU.

It is not about a highflying essay on academic level. You can be as creative as possible. This competition could be very funny for you, your schoolclass together with your frinds whatsoever…

You can submit your idea till January 31st 2011.

Check our the rules and participate. And if you have done let us know. Have fun.