Das Blog zu unserem aktuellen Projekt #impulse17

HandHier das aktuelle Projektblog zu unserem internationalen Jugendseminar #impulse17, das am 09.06 startet. Hier werden im Laufe einer Woche sämtliche Ergebnisse zusammenlaufen. Wir wollen auch dieses Jugendseminar wieder kollaborativ und gemeinsam so lückenlos wie möglich dokumentieren und zur Diskussion einladen. Die Jugendlichen werden in den europäischen Austausch kommen und gemeinsam an kreativen und digitalen Projekten arbeiten. #Impulse17 ist ein weiteres ambitioniertes, internationales Jugendprojekt. Dieses mal werden ein kurzes “Jugend-Barcamp” und eine “iPad-Ethno-Safari” in Köln einige der Höhepunkte sein. Special Guests sind Willem Noe von der Europäischen Kommission in Brüssel und der Politikwissenschaftler/Autor/Social Media Strategist Jens Best aus Berlin. Die Ethno-Safari wird entwickelt von Kölner Kunststudenten unter der Leitung von Prof. Torsten Meyer. Bisher wissen wir: Es wird großes geschehen!!!

Der Hashtag zur Veranstaltung: #impulse17

New Promotion video for think europe is out!

Prezi on the European Commission #deni11

A very nice presentation on the European Commission its structure and tasks. Put together by a binational group (GER+NL) for #deni11.

[gigya src=”http://prezi.com/bin/preziloader.swf” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” width=”350″ height=”200″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” flashvars=”prezi_id=qrcfq4lenr7m&lock_to_path=1&color=ffffff&autoplay=no&autohide_ctrls=0″]

Commissioner Stefan Füle sent a video message to our seminar!

To our “Blog On” online Project (funded by the federal agency for civic education) Stefan Füle – EU Commissioner for Enlargement) sent a video messag to encourage the seminars efforts and our eParticipation strategies in and via the social web.

To the seminar and its results we have dedicated a whole blog – click here to visit the blog!

Dreaming broadband…

This is a speech held by Neelie Kroes just a few days back at the “Fibre to home conforence” – I never knew there was such a thing. But hey, at least Neelie does… and indeed she should since she is one of the many vice persidents of the European Commission and responsible for issues connected to any digital agenda. I am happy to see that the European Commission is turning to the most pressing European issues: “broadband” for everybody, now that certainly beats foreign affairs and diplomacy efforts in and around the Maghreb countries.

Let’s hear what Neelie Kroes has to say:
Milan, 10 February 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is great to be here with you looking at our digital future. I hope to find new ‘digital buddies’ today, and that we will be able to implement the Digital Agenda and build a better future for Europe together.
At the heart of the Digital Agenda is ensuring that Europeans can get all the advantages and benefits that come from access to superfast broadband. Succeeding in this ambition is central to our economic future.
Maximising broadband access obviously takes a mix of players and a mix of technologies, and the role of fibre is central. You are not our only consideration, but you are absolutely key. It not possible to maximise access while failing on fibre. That is how seriously we take your issues.
While the EU broadband market is moving towards higher speeds because of fibre and cable, time is against us. The current rate of new connections – now down to 25,000 a day – is simply not enough to meet our 2020 targets. So we have to intensify our efforts and get higher investments on the ground. Read the whole speech here.
I must say that these lines sound very convincing. This is yet another example of how the European Union “connects” to our everyday life. By 2020 I will 37 years old and I’ll be online faster than I have dreamed to be. I apologize for my sarcasm at the beginning of this log.Neelie Kroes will provide the basic tool that guarantees for a lot of education oppurtunities. Lets hope, that by 2020 there are enough people who are actually capable of using these oppurtnities wisely (we will keep trying to contribute!).

Croatia ante portas – EU enlargement

Just two weeks ago we had a fantastic European youth gathering with a Croatian delegation (content was Web 2.0 /social media – by the way). Now we have good news for our Croatian partners concerning the prospect of joining the EU pretty soon.

The European Commission released progress reports about the candidate countries and Croatia is doing pretty good. There are expectations that the negotiations can be closed in the next EU presidency from January to June 2011 (Hungary will have the presidency then).

You can read more on the enlargement website of the European commission. Find these information here:


Good luck. Hopefully the next time we see us all  as EU member states!!!!