Jugendbegegnung “Into The Wild” – Anmeldung offen!

002_cityl“Into the Wild” startet am 07.06.2015 und endet am 14.06.2015. Es geht um Mini-LARPs und politische Simulationen in den europäischen Dimensionen (Demokratie, Freiheit, Interkulturalität, Fremdheit etc.). In den ersten Tagen werden wir selbst Simulationen und Live Action Role Plays spielen und reflektieren, um danach selber zu Autoren zu werden.

Teilnehmende sollen eigene Lernprozesse gestalten und evaluieren lernen (Self-Assesment). Das Team wird groß wie nie sein. Special guests kommen aus den Wäldern zu uns! Und auch aus Portugal, Italien und Polen. Es wird intensiv – keine Frage.

Die Teilnehmenden kommen aus 7 Ländern. 60 Jugendliche insgesamt. Ergebnisse des Jugendprojektes werden in der SALTO-Toolbox veröffentlicht und finden damit europaweit Verbreitung.

Hier geht es zu Programm und Anmeldeformular

New Promotion video for think europe is out!

European Youth gathering #europeanvoid – A day without Europe

Right now almost 60 young Europeans from seven countries (Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Spain and Germany) are realizing a European youth gathering at the Europe House Marienberg. The main topic is “European void – A day without Europe”.

The participants do a lot of intercultural learning and tackle the European Union. They ask (via theatre plays) what reality would be without the EU. Thus discussing the benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages of our Europe. They also question local citizens of Bad Marienberg about Europe to get an impression what they think and what is problematic for them. In the next days the ywill meet officials from the European Commission, wtach the House of History and have teh kick-off to the great European workshops.

You can follow, alsmost live, what is happening at this gathering via http://europeanvoid.wordpress.com
You can also follow the hashtag #europeanvoid on Twitter to stay informed.

All reslults, impressions, photos, videaos and even the daily evaluation are available online. Feel free to join the discussion and comment on the blog or specific posts.

europeers at the Europe House Marienberg – multinational youth gathering

think europe is realising a multinational youth gathering right now with the support of the EU youth programme YOUTH IN ACTION. The gathering deals with the European Year of Volunteering.

Just yesterday three europeers took part in the gathering. They supported small international workshops. The youngsters dealt with the different situations of volunteering in the five nations which take part at the gathering (Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland & Germany). They also discoverd opportunities to be active for developing countries, what the European Year of Volunteering actually is and everything connected to the European Voluntary Service.

During the presentation-session the europeers participated in the discussion, commented on the performances and raised interesting questions.

Afterwards the europeers presented the EVS from their perspective, and talked about the experiences they gained abroad. They also briefly  presented the programme “europeers” itself.

Two of them stayed for the European country market in the evening with lots of music, dancing, food and fun!

It was great having had them with us. They enriched the discussion and presented volunteering peer-to-peer. It was active and not so theoretical. Hope to see you again here at the Europe House Marienberg in future projects.

If you are interested in “europeers” or you would like to find out more information about the EVS visit their homepage

europeers Homepage – click here

Your voice is needed…European youth programme

In case you haven’t heard of it yet: The next generation of the Youth programme of th European Union will be (hopefully) launched after the current programme Youth in Action will expire by the end of 2013.

The programme is a great tool for multinational youth gatherings and offers also a great variety of European experiences for you personally.

The European Commission is currently asking you about the structure of the next programme generation. So you can include your opinions and points of view.

This online public consultation is available in all official languages of the EU and can be found on: