Social Media Presentation – European Youth Gathering – mediaman

During our European youth gathering in November 2011 with six countries from all over Europe we were dealing with the issue of Web 2.0 or as it is put nowadays correctly social media. We focused on different tools and applications. We discussed these tools, analyzed them, used them and worked around the whole topic.

During the gathering we got the chance to talk to an expert from “mediaman”. Thank you very much again Pia Johannson. mediaman is an agency dealing with digital communication and they cooperate with various big enterprises and get them used to social media in their internal and external communication strategy.

The presentation given by Pia Johannson was very good. If you want to look at it again or develop own ideas from it you can have a look at the presentation again. You can find it here:

Enjoy and use it and give Pia Johannson some comments to her work.

Croatia ante portas – EU enlargement

Just two weeks ago we had a fantastic European youth gathering with a Croatian delegation (content was Web 2.0 /social media – by the way). Now we have good news for our Croatian partners concerning the prospect of joining the EU pretty soon.

The European Commission released progress reports about the candidate countries and Croatia is doing pretty good. There are expectations that the negotiations can be closed in the next EU presidency from January to June 2011 (Hungary will have the presidency then).

You can read more on the enlargement website of the European commission. Find these information here:

Good luck. Hopefully the next time we see us all  as EU member states!!!!

European competition about the importance of language

The European Union has launched “Tounge stories“. This is a European competiton where you can participate if you have a good story about the importance of language in the EU.

It is not about a highflying essay on academic level. You can be as creative as possible. This competition could be very funny for you, your schoolclass together with your frinds whatsoever…

You can submit your idea till January 31st 2011.

Check our the rules and participate. And if you have done let us know. Have fun.

Your voice is needed…European youth programme

In case you haven’t heard of it yet: The next generation of the Youth programme of th European Union will be (hopefully) launched after the current programme Youth in Action will expire by the end of 2013.

The programme is a great tool for multinational youth gatherings and offers also a great variety of European experiences for you personally.

The European Commission is currently asking you about the structure of the next programme generation. So you can include your opinions and points of view.

This online public consultation is available in all official languages of the EU and can be found on:

News from Europe and the Europe House

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