Your voice is needed…European youth programme

In case you haven’t heard of it yet: The next generation of the Youth programme of th European Union will be (hopefully) launched after the current programme Youth in Action will expire by the end of 2013.

The programme is a great tool for multinational youth gatherings and offers also a great variety of European experiences for you personally.

The European Commission is currently asking you about the structure of the next programme generation. So you can include your opinions and points of view.

This online public consultation is available in all official languages of the EU and can be found on:

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Hi everybody,

as social media is getting more and more interesting for our work we’ll try to blog here as much as possible, give you inside views in our work, share experiences with you and build up a vivid network around the European youth education “think europe” in the Europe House Marienberg.

Feel free to comment as much as possible to share your opinion and your ideas. Let me remind you on our Facebook page. Over 600 people already do like it and use the page.!/pages/Bad-Marienberg-Germany/Europa-Haus-Marienberg-Europe-House-Marienberg/49351313350

Basic information can be found on the official website of the Europe House Marienberg

I hope this blog will develop in a good way and might be useful for you!